Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chinese New Year

The Chinese new year is around the corner. It is a period of great importance in Singapore. The Chinese zodiac comprises of twelve animal signs and each year is signified by one of them. The new year which is the year of the rabbit is expected to bring good luck and wealth to many depending on the day, month and the year of a person's birth.

Taking a break from my usual Sunday routine of meeting friends, going for a movie etc I decided to take public transport and go to Orchard road to see what's happening.

As expected it was extremely crowded with locals as well as foreigners flocking to all the shops to check out the best bargains. Most shops offered attractive discounts on clothing, electronic gadgets, sports accessories and much more

Orchard road was bustling with people and activity. Places worth visiting are the Ion Orchard, Shaw House, Center Point, Takashimaya and many other shopping malls by the two sides of the road. Some of the shops in these malls offer discounts upto 70% from the standard prices. Chinese new year shopping is definitely a memorable experience to the visitors from different parts of the world.


  1. Nice Post about Chinese New Year. Post with images are awesome.

  2. Thanks! We were quiet for some time but back again. You can expect more articles about destinations such as Interlaken, Paris, London soon in our blog :-)